What’s the Covid situation around Mykonos island?

Is travelling to Mykonos this summer a good idea? First things first. Mykonos is always a good idea. And 2021 post pandemic summer is no exception. Despite the fact that Covid-19 implications still make it kind of tricky to take the big decision of planning your summer escape in this Aegean paradise, Mykonos enters the [...]

IGo Rentals News – Covid-19

Greece is now in the vortex of the coronavirus pandemic and Greece is increasing with the outbreaks. Government announced new measures suspending the operation of dozens of services, shops and activities. IGoRentals, with a sense of responsibility, suspends its operation up to date. Our priority is the safety of our partners and colleagues.   Under new [...]

IGoRentals Athens

IGoRentals is ready to welcome you to its second store in the heart of downtown Athens, 45 A. Syngrou Avenue. Our experience in car rental and the demand that exists in Athens made us open another office in Athens. Our services maintain the high level of Mykonos island and we aim to provide the best possible service [...]

10+1 things in Mykonos

Oh my My…konos! You can feel it right from the first moment you set foot on this magical island, when you are still on the port or the airport. It is in the glorious sunlight, in the vastness of the Aegean sea, in the blue and white uniqueness that surrounds you. Mykonos embodies the kind [...]

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