Is travelling to Mykonos this summer a good idea?

First things first. Mykonos is always a good idea. And 2021 post pandemic summer is no exception. Despite the fact that Covid-19 implications still make it kind of tricky to take the big decision of planning your summer escape in this Aegean paradise, Mykonos enters the discussion, charming as always and fully prepared to welcome you and your loved ones, in a safe, worry-free zone, where everything seems to be well under control.

What are the restrictions?

Sure, there are restrictions but only to maximize the feeling of carefreeness once done with them. Upon arrival you must provide  either a negative test result or proof of full vaccination. The choice is yours. In regards to negative tests, they must have been taken within 72 hours prior to departure, they have to be written in English, while including the name and passport number of the person traveling. This does not apply to children under 10.

What’s the Covid situation around the island?

Mykonos seems to be dealing remarkably well with the pandemic, maintaining a relatively low number of cases. Rapid tests are being made on a daily basis in various locations, allowing local population and tourists alike, to monitor their health condition and take all necessary measures if needed.

When it comes to island life, we tried to keep it the closest possible to normal, while your good health and safety remains our top priority. That said, you cannot expect to experience Mykonos’ typical wild nightlife and all night long partying, but you can still get to enjoy the various perks of holidaying here, such as taking a swim in the crystal clears waters of Agios Sostis, or sipping your favourite wine along with an exquisite dish of spaghetti with clams al fresco, overlooking the windmills. All restaurants and bars keep hygiene measures as their top priority. Oh and they do close by midnight, so if your summer in Mykonos was a fairy tale it would probably be Cinderella. At least you can rest assured that there will be a happy ending!

Social distancing, as in keeping your fellow citizens at a safe two-meters distance still applies, but once again, this is only minor compared to the feeling of maximum carefreeness that we all deserve this summer. And you will be asked to wear a mask, unless you are seated and ready to taste your Aperitivo, so please prepare your nicest mask collection and treat that little yet life saving piece of fabric like the summer’s coolest accessory!

To conclude, Mykonos is a safe place to visit! Now is the time to plan your post pandemic , long awaited and much deserved escape, rent your car with us with us and go experience the hassle free vacation you deserve, on an island that has it all under perfect control.