Oh my My…konos!
You can feel it right from the first moment you set foot on this magical island, when you are still on the port or the airport. It is in the glorious sunlight, in the vastness of the Aegean sea, in the blue and white uniqueness that surrounds you. Mykonos embodies the kind of beauty that you just can’t help falling in love with. In such a charming scenery, anything can happen. You are about to set off for a journey that you will cherish for a lifetime.
There is only one issue that can stand between you and this unexplored paradise, and that is your means of transportation. Hopefully you will be wise enough to have sorted out your car rental and to have booked the car of your dreams, by the time you arrive. There is an absolute order in which things are supposed to happen when in Mykonos. First you lay your eyes upon it for the first time. You take a moment to catch your breath. Then, fueled by all sorts of expectations, you get in the car, ride the motorbike or the AV of your choice. The moment the engine turns on is when your holiday officially begins. And what a holiday… oh my Mykonos! Are you ready to exclaim?

Icons of a special Mykonos. Yours.
Mykonos is probably the most famous island of Cyclades and this is no coincidence. There are various reasons why people tend to come back to this Aegean gem, again and again. Once you discover it, it puts a spell on you. It is the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the “party like there is no tomorrow” attitude, the colorful days and the loud nights, the fancy hotels and the cosy corners, the exquisite flavors and the top class cocktails, the shopping marathons and the instagram worthy sceneries. There is this #just_can’t_get_enough tag in everything you do. Oh yes, there is a long list of things that Mykonos can be really proud of. Below we have listed just a few. Wait no more! Get on that rented car of yours and go!

1. Gone with the… Windmills!
It probably is one of the island’s most popular attractions, that can be seen practically from every point of the island’s main Town, also known as Chora. The Windmills, that were built by the Venetians in the 16th century, used to ground grain into flour up until the beginning of the 20th century. Today they proudly stand on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea, serving as a true iconic feature of Mykonos. And as a perfect backdrop for selfies, needless to add.

2. Aegean Maritime Museum: Sail into the Aegean culture.
We know. Many people prefer music over museums when on holiday, but maritime tradition is really long in Cyclades, so you may not want to skip this one, whether you are a… skipper or not. Located in an area known as Tria Pigadia in the Town’s center, the Maritime Museum was founded back in 1983 and aims at preserving and promoting Greek maritime history and tradition, specializing in the merchant-ship history of the Aegean Sea. Worth a visit.

3. Delos: History calling!
If you are into exploring the paths of the past, if you love archaeological sites, then you just can’t risk missing this: A daily visit to the nearby island of Delos is an absolute must for all history lovers and mythology enthusiasts out there. Situated near the center of the Cyclades archipelago, Delos serves as one of the most important mythological, historical, and archaeological sites in Greece. According to mythology, the island was the birthplace of God Apollo and Goddess Artemis, both of whom represent Light. The island has served as a major religious center during the first millennium B.C. Today, it is a UNESCO protected site, that attracts international attention. Once you visit, you will know why.

4. Matoyianni Street: Shop till you drop.
A haven -and a heaven just as much- for proud fashionistas and party animals alike, Matoyianni Street, Mykonos’ main shopping street, is undoubtedly the island’s retail and nightlife hub. During the daytime you can stroll up and down, spotting the jewelry, clothes, and handmade creations that will definitely make it to your must-have list before you leave the island. At the same time you can indulge in exquisite flavors, masterfully prepared and served at the cosy cafes and restaurants around. In this little blessed corner of the earth, classy shopping comes all wrapped up in fine bubbly wines and divine dishes. What a bliss!

5. Ftelia Beach: For windsurfing lovers!
A charming northern beach, quite popular among the windsurfers, mainly because of its… windy profile! Although easily accessible from the Town, Ftelia remains a peaceful and quiet paradise, serving as an ideal choice for those who are not that much into insta-crowded sceneries and champagne-bathing. If you know what we mean.

6. Agios Sostis: The other side of Mykonos.
In case you were wondering, yes, there is also this side of Mykonos. The one that turns its back on the crowds, the sparkles, the cameras and follows the road less traveled. To be precise, getting to Agios Sostis will be a bit tricky, because of the beach’s isolated location. There is no public transportation, so you will have one more reason to feel thankful for that rented car of yours! You have to drive there, and then walk down the hill, following a small path. Trust us. Once you reach the beach you will know it was worth it.

7. Fokos: Focus on your dreams.
Stay focused on that alternative side of Mykonos and visit Fokos. A truly unique niche of the island, that will almost make you forget you are in one of the most cosmopolitan places on planet Earth. Here you will most likely find the opportunity to sit back, relax, meditate, connect to your inner self and your special others. No sunbeds, no umbrellas, no public transportation, yes! Thank God you have your own rented car! There is also a taverna that will make your taste buds go crazy. Don’t miss it.
8. Little Venice: Little to say, loads to admire.
Chances are that you have heard a whole lot about this very special Mykonian spot, and most probably you have seen its image all over tourist sites, since it is one of the most photographed sites on the island. It was probably one of the reasons you decided to visit Mykonos in the first place. Still, the first time you lay your eyes upon it, it will captivate you for good.
9. Monastery of Paleokastron: Humble, nonetheless grand!
This 18th century nunnery is located near the residential area of Ano Mera, serving as a typical example of the monastic architecture of Cyclades. It took its name from the neighboring hill, where one can visit the remnants of the Venetian castle of Gizi, while in the wider area one can also find an ancient town. It is true. Mykonos has many faces and gives you reasons to remember it in every corner.

10. Kite Surfing: May the winds be with you!
If you are the type of person who enjoys adrenaline rushes, in constant search of “wow factors”, then kitesurfing may be the kind of experience you are after. We are happy to announce that Mykonos, is -among other things, as you have probably realized by now, a true paradise for extreme sports lovers and adventure hunters. Try your luck, chjust need to hit the… sea roads, so as to get the complete picture of this truly uniue island. Don’t miss the chance to rent your boat and embark on a sea tour, that will take you around the Mykonian coastline and let you explore it bit by bit, one amazing beach at a time.allenge yourself, sky is the limit – if there is one, anyway.

11. Go that extra (nautical) mile.
There are certain Mykonian treasures that you will never discover if you stick to the land.