IGo Rentals News – Covid-19

Greece is now in the vortex of the coronavirus pandemic and Greece is increasing with the outbreaks. Government announced new measures suspending the operation of dozens of services, shops and activities.

IGoRentals, with a sense of responsibility, suspends its operation up to date. Our priority is the safety of our partners and colleagues.


Under new government measures, we decided to keep Mykonos store closed until the risk was overcome. Accordingly, Athens store operates only when our customers contact us as our staff is in the safe area of ??their home.

There is an emergency telephone for any customer who is in need.

We urge our fellow citizens to stay home so that the danger can be overcome and we can all return to a healthy daily routine by enjoying the goods and everything we had until now.


WeStayHome. WeStaySafe.

IGo Rentals Team

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