General Vehicle Rental Conditions

With this agreement, the company iGO Rentals based in Mykonos, Greece, represented in Mykonos using distinctive title IGO Rentals Rentals, hereinafter IGO Rentals, leases to the signatory Lessee the vehicle shown in the rental contract (including any replacement vehicle) according to the following terms and conditions, which the Lessee fully accepts by signing the rental contract:

  • The Lessee received the vehicle, which he examined and found it in excellent condition and suitable for the use and the purpose for which he leases it. The Lessee is obliged to return the Vehicle to IGO Rentals and all the documents, tools and accessories (spare tire, jack, tools, pharmacy, fire extinguisher, triangle, antenna, baby seat, rim covers) that accompany it, in the situation received, and in place and time specified by this agreement.
    Otherwise and after the agreed return time Lessee will be obliged to pay to IGO Rentals, the normal charge for use of the vehicle and extra compensation for any incidental and consequential damage. After 30 minutes of the agreed Vehicle delivery time the Lessee is charged with one (1) additional rental day (at the agreed rate) plus 50% as a delay fine. IGO Rentals reserves the right to regain possession and use of the Vehicle at any time without notice and without the consent of Lessee, but at his expense, anywhere and by any means, in any case IGO Rentals deems there is risk of damage or loss of Vehicle or risk of non-recovery of damages. IGO Rentals has the right beside the above case, to regain possession and use of the Vehicle if it was used in violation either of the terms of this agreement or the Greek Law.
  • Throughout the duration of the lease the Lessee and any other signatory is obliged to make good use of the vehicle and consistent with its purpose and this Agreement. Also, he is obligated to check the mechanical condition, the tire condition and general safety of transportation, to lock and keep it using given security systems and take measures to prevent theft or reduction of its overall value.
  • Should the Lessee need to extend the rental, he must notify IGO Rentals at least 24 hours prior to the end of the lease to receive a written approval, subject to availability. If he fails to do so, he will be under civil and criminal liability for illegal use and possession of the Vehicle. In case that the leased vehicle is kept by the Lessee after the end of the lease, without notification of IGO Rentals and approval, the lessee is subject to a fine which includes but is not limited to 1) The rate of car rental (full rate) per day of delay with 50% increase, and 2) the full amount of any reservation lost because of the vehicle unavailability.
  • The lessee must comply with the applicable provisions of the Greek, EU and International Code and any other provision of the Traffic Police Code or the local Transportation office. In case a fine for violations of traffic code is issued, it is borne solely by the Lessee and must be paid in full by the end time of the Agreement.
  • It is strictly prohibited for the Lessee to use the Vehicle to: • Carry very heavy things and luggage • Carry more persons than those indicated in the Vehicle registration document • to lease to third parties • follow or participate in competitions of motor vehicles or street races • to allow others to drive who are not listed in the Rental Agreement.
  • In case of accident or other incident (fire, theft etc.) The lessee or the additional driver must immediately do the following: 1) not acknowledge liability or guilt and any Third Party claims in any way, directly or indirectly • 2) Write the names and addresses of witnesses and the name and address of the driver and vehicle data, which the IGO Rentals vehicle collided with• 3) Notify the police to trace the fault and care of any wounded people • 4) Communicate with IGO Rentals immediately by telephone 5) Collect any information from any Third Party • 6) To photograph the accident scene, the vehicles involved in the accident and any relevant documents and details, if possible. The lessee is obliged within 24 hours to complete and sign an accident / theft report in IGO Rentals offices and deliver any documents or information on the accident. In case of Vehicle theft or loss, the lessee is obliged to inform on the matter at the nearest police authority within 12 hours.
  • Any damage caused to the car by the Lessee or during the time of Lease or its extension (agreed upon or not), is borne by the Lessee, unless otherwise EXPLICITLY stated on the contract by choosing one of the two extra insurance packages. The damage compensation amount will be calculated accordingly, and will be charged considering the following charges: 1) The parts needed and the shipping costs to Mykonos, 2) The work-time needed for repair, 3) The days that the car will be unavailable at full seasonal rental rate, 4) Incident Administration Expenses (€ 80)
  • The Vehicle can be driven only by the Lessee and an additional driver, who is stated in this agreement. Both drivers must be at least 23 years and possess Greek or International driving license that is valid and has been issued for at least one year. In case the drivers are of younger age they must purchase extra insurance package your young drivers.
  • Fuel costs are covered by the Lessee. Only use unleaded petrol or diesel. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than it had when it was delivered, the Lessee will be charged with the fuel difference with a rate of 3Euros per liter of fuel. Extra fuel upon the return of the car are NOT compensated by IGO Rentals. In case of a car change (under any conditions) the fuel of the car returned must be at least at the level it had upon delivery and any surplus of fuel will NOT be compensated.
  • The periodic maintenance of Vehicles is provided only by IGO Rentals. The Lessee is prohibited to repair the Vehicle in case of damage. Vehicle tyres are replaced at regular intervals due to wear and tear. Damages due to misuse of the vehicle, including destruction of tyres from potholes, pavement or bad road or are borne by the Lessee.
  • It is prohibited to load the Vehicle on ferries or take the vehicle outside of the Mykonos, without the prior written approval of the lessor company. In these cases, there is a relevant charge for special insurance coverage and/or return of the vehicle.
  • The carrying flammable materials, pollutants, drugs and any other unrelated to this contract is FORBIDDEN, as well as the use of the Vehicle as an instrument to commit any illegal acts. The breach of this condition and any resulting loss, damage or compensation, is borne by the Lessee.
  • IGO Rentals does not accept liability for loss of personal belongings of the Lessee and those carried in the leased Vehicle during the lease.
  • The Lessee expressly agrees that IGO Rentals not liable to any damage or loss suffered by the Lessee or third parties during the lease and no claim can be raised against IGO Rentals for the above reason.
  • The lessee and any additional driver consents to having personal data kept in an electronic file kept by IGO Rentals. It is expressly agreed that IGO Rentals has the right to use these details when the Lessee during the lease makes untrue statements or violates the terms of this agreement and to forward this information to the Greek or his country’s authorities in case of suspicion of perpetration of a criminal or other offense.
  • In order for a vehicle to be booked, a deposit must be paid. The deposit will NOT be returned under any circumstances, unless the vehicle is not available for rent at the pre-specified date and time, by IGO Rentals fault. In case of cancellation of booking up to two weeks prior to the vehicle delivery, the deposit is returned in full. In case of cancellation between 1 week and 2 weeks prior to vehicle delivery, 50% of the deposit will be returned. After 1 week prior to delivery, no deposit will be returned.
  • Pets are not allowed, except in special cases, in which the Lessee must obtain a written permission from IGO Rentals.

Terms of Insurance – Cover Packages:
Maximum Cover: includes in addition to Medium Cover: Total theft without waiver • Crystals breakage without damage waiver • Very Low Collision Damage Waiver (150 to 400€) • Free delivery / collection outside opening hours (22: 00- 09:00 with prior notice of IGO Rentals)

Medium Cover: includes in addition to Standard Cover: Total theft Waiver 700 € • Crystals breakage damage waiver 100 € • Reduced Collision Damage Waiver (600 up to 1600 €) • Free delivery / receipt to any central point of Mykonos (with prior notice) • Free additional driver

Standard Cover: includes: Civil liability to third parties • 24 Road Service / Accident Care • Free unlimited mileage • Free child seat


Damage to the interior of the Vehicle • Traffic violation fines • Mechanical damage due to Lessee’s fault • Damage to exterior mirrors • Damage to tires, rims or hubcaps • Damage to undercarriage of the vehicle • Antenna loss/Damage • Damage caused by illegal or improper use according to this Agreement • Damage caused by the use of the vehicle on dirt road, beach, forest or outside of paved roads or on damaged roads • Damage caused by non-registered driver, underage driver or if driver was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs • Incident Administration Expenses (€ 80) • Loss of personal items (unless extra specific cover has been purchased) • Loss or destruction of car accessories or extras provided by IGO Rentals.

Fixed Compensation amounts due to Damage / Loss / Negligence:

Vehicle Key: Auto (simple) 90 € / Auto (with buttons/special): 150 €/300€ / Moto:70 € • Baby Seat 100 € • Baby Booster 60 € • Vehicle Battery 80 € • Antenna 40 € • Aluminum Rim 130 € • Iron Rim 100€ • Plastic wheel cover 35 € • Exterior mirror (Just glass): 30 € – Mirror plastic casing/mechanism: 90 € • Car Mats 30 € (per mat) • Soiled Seats / Interior 90 € • Window Wiper 20€ • Convertible Tent 550 € • MiFi device 100 € • GPS device 100€ • Moto luggage Rack/Box 75€ • Helmet 40€  • Category A-D Car or Moto Tyre 80€ • SUV/4×4/Carrier Tyre 100€ •

Other terms:

The Vehicle owner is always IGO Rentals. This is only the lease agreement. The lessee is in no way representative of IGO Rentals. The Lessee acknowledges that he acquires no rights other than those referred to in this agreement • During the lease all additional drivers are jointly and severally liable to the Lessee • This agreement supersedes any other prior written or oral agreement between IGO Rentals and the Lessee •  IGO Rentals cannot waive its rights under the law and this agreement • Any modification of the terms hereof shall be void if not agreed and documented in writing • The Lessee agrees and accepts any and all credit card charges arising from the terms hereof, whether this relates to the lease, deposit, potential damage or compensation and any extra accessories or services supplied • The lessee agrees and accepts that all the above conditions are valid both in the case of the original agreement with IGO Rentals and in case of extension of the duration of the lease and / or in case of replacement of the originally leased Vehicle with another.• In case of dispute between the copies and the original of this agreement, the original held by IGO Rentals supersedes any copy • All Parties acknowledge and accept all the terms of this Agreement as essential and key for this purpose.• This agreement is governed by Greek Law and any dispute arising between IGO Rentals and lessee of this Agreement, subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.

By signing the Rental Agreement (contract), the Lessee driver (and any additional driver) of the IGO Rentals Vehicle explicitly state that they have read the above terms and all details stated on the rental agreement, understand them and accept them unconditionally, promising compliance.